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How many times have you said, “I’m so sick of unqualified leads!”? Our guess would be, at least twice today. If you are ready to receive more qualified leads, continue reading.

Why Are Most Leads Unqualified?

For years, marketing companies have relied on the “cast a wide net” philosophy of lead generation. Although it will get LOTS of people to respond, you then need to dig through all those potential prospects to find your gold.

Not anymore.

QUALIFIED Annuity Leads Are Here

With Plum’s Annuity Quotes program, you receive ONLY qualified leads; Leads that are actually looking for an annuity quote.

These leads are not requesting a free report, they aren’t plate lickers, and they aren’t tire-kickers. These leads have MONEY, and are looking for a quote on an annuity RIGHT NOW. The best part? They know a financial advisor will be contacting them!

The Crazy Awesome ROI Annuity Leads Can Generate

How much would you pay for a lead that was actually READY to have the annuity conversation BEFORE YOU EVEN CALL THEM? $400? $500? $1,000? Some would say even more…

You could be getting qualified leads ready to do business with. Just think about it, the ultimate annuity lead: prospective clients searching in your area… ALL who want an annuity and have money…

Some More Examples:


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