We prefer you look at us as your marketing arm, away from your office. For us to see ourselves that way and actually be a part of your team, you need to feel like you know us and can trust us. The Plum team is committed to finding a marketing program that is custom tailored to fit your individual, unique situation. We are further committed to be available when you need us, to check in regularly and often. Furthermore, if you want to get to know us, we’re really really nice funny people. Meet Plum and their spirit animals…

Executive Team


Her personality, like the Pangolin is rare and unique.

Some climb trees, others dig holes – she likes to keep people guessing.

She is a gentle soul, but stands up for what she knows is right.

(800) 992-9663


Like the Giraffe he is able to reach what is unreachable by others.

Remaining above the fray he uses his intuition to solve problems.

Cleverness and patience make him a natural leader.

(800) 992-9663

Office Manager


Jen and the Owl are creatures of great integrity.

Like the Owl, Jen’s quite demeanor accords her an air of mystery and diffidence.

Although highly intelligent, Jen is guided by her spiritual side.

(508) 689-5861

Corporate Sales


An avid nap-taker, Jessica knows how to preserve her energy.

When awake, she’s focused and quick.

With confidence and determination, she never misses an opportunity.

V.P. Corporate Sales
(774) 425-3487


Often referred to as the “peace-maker,” Jess is a natural mediator.

Jess’ feminine energy naturally fosters harmony.

Like her counterpart, Jess stays grounded in moments of chaos.

Account Representative
(774) 425-3232


Danielle’s wicked sense of humor will keep you laughing.

Like her counterpart, Danielle is extremely knowledgeable.

Balancing wisdom and playfulness, Danielle reminds you to not take things too seriously.

Account Representative
(774) 510-5481


Lauren and the Meerkat are social and love working in a group.

She’s always willing to lend a helping hand to anyone in need.

Described as a people person, others appreciate her responsibility and loyalty.

Account Representative
(774) 425-3485


Ashley and the beaver both thrive in busy environments.

While others are playing, she’s usually hard at work.

Conscientious and dependable she is always willing to help those in need.

Account Representative
(774) 510-5480


Like the Great Plains Wolf, Kaleigh is extremely loyal to her friends and family.

Always bold and brave, the pack turns to her to lead.

Like the wolf who runs in a pack, Kaleigh is also a great team player!

Account Representative
(508) 916-2096



Much like his endangered species counterpart, Nick is a rare breed.

With style and grace, he brings a fierceness to the office and on the dance floor.

Rain or shine, solo or with the flock, Nick is fly in any weather.

Marketing Advisor
(508) 916-2085


Creative and free-spirited, she is as goal-driven as they come.

Jenny’s appetite for life seems to have no boundaries.

This bubbly social butterfly still greatly values time spent with her family.

Marketing Advisor
(774) 425-3489


Like a wolf, Scott is very protective over what is his.

He is not afraid to fight for what is right and deserved.

His strength and agility make him a valuable member to his pack.

Marketing Advisor
(774) 425-3488


She shows strong confidence and determination.

Her strategic thinking helps her rise above any problem.

Without a doubt, Melissa is one of the most hardworking and dependable people around.

Marketing Advisor
(508) 916-2097


Much like this social fox, Sarah prefers to be surrounded by her peers.

True to the Fennec, she can be shy at first, but she’s a total jokester!

She makes everyone feel comfortable with her easy-going nature.

Marketing Advisor
(508) 689-7974


Fueled by his inner dragon he is able to overcome any obstacle.

Curtis spreads his wisdom throughout the office.

His insight and enthusiasm inspires the entire team.

Marketing Advisor
(774) 425-3493


Like an eagle, Brendan has an enthusiasm for life.

Brendan’s nesting instincts make him loyal and dedicated.

Much like his counterpart piloting the skies, he enjoys the outdoors.

Marketing Advisor
(774) 425-3494


Jeremiah remains ever loyal to all tasks in front of him.

He enjoys helping people achieve their goals.

His compassion and understanding for others goes unmatched.

Marketing Advisor
(774) 425-3492


Erin and the bat both have intelligent and creative minds.

They are both insightful creatures.

Taking it easy during the day, they feel most alive at night time.

Account Representative
(774) 425-3485