4 Tips to Make Your Restaurant’s Website Stand Out!

4 Tips to Make Your Restaurant’s Website Stand Out!

Competing in one of the most highly searched industries, any restaurant’s website and online marketing strategies need to be constantly updated to continue reaching new customers. Today, most consumers search the web, using both desktop and mobile devices, before they decide where to go for a meal. What people find when they discover your restaurant website will determine whether or not they become a customer, so it’s crucial that yours is attractive and user-friendly enough to set you apart from local competitors.

Here are some important facts and useful tips for making your restaurant’s website a top performer:

 1. Have it Designed To Be Mobile Responsive

A study released by Telmetrics and xAd indicates that 95% of smartphone users conduct restaurant searches. The study also reveals that smartphone searches for restaurants have an astonishing 90% conversion rate, which means that when people are searching for food, they are ready to buy that day. To get these conversions, however, your restaurant’s website must be fully mobile responsive and your menu must be easily viewable across all devices.

2. Develop and Monitor an SEO Strategy

You don’t want people who already know your restaurant to be the only ones who find you on search engines. Google Trends reports that localized searches for restaurants are on the rise. For example: “chinese restaurant nearby” searches are up 650% from last year. With an even more dramatic search volume increase (which Google Trends dubs as “Breakout”) are searches like “places to eat near me” and “restaurants open on Christmas Day 2017”. If you want your restaurant to show up on localized searches (you do!) it’s important to develop an SEO strategy and consistently update it to stay high in the search rankings. Investing in a professionally designed and run SEO strategy is not a bad idea; the right marketing agency can help you update the content of your website to increase visibility on search engines and get traffic from local searchers.

3. Try Email Marketing

Your website will often be visited by current customers, and you can use it to continue marketing to them and influence more purchases. To do this, place a form on your website asking customers to sign up for your email newsletter. You could also call it a customer rewards program or something of that sort. Once they enter their email address you can send them coupons, special deals, news about new products, upcoming events, etc. Email marketing is a cost-effective way to build brand reputation and keep repeat business coming into your restaurant on a more frequent basis.

 4. Invest in Professional Photography

Finding an amazing website design agency is important, but arguably more important is finding an amazing photographer. We eat with our eyes first, and this applies to consumers searching for restaurants online. If there are no photos of your food on your website or if your photos are low-quality, visitors will be turned off. On top of including a gallery of high-quality, professional photos of your food, you should also include photos of your restaurant. Many people choose restaurants based on atmosphere and seating options, so get the most appealing angles of your establishment to showcase on your restaurant’s website.

If you continue to monitor your website’s performance and update your strategy, you will see how important it is to any restaurant business. Using these tips, you can make your restaurant’s website the stand-out of your local area and start attracting more customers! For more information on web design and online marketing, visit our website or call us today at 800-992-9663!

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