Can’t​ ​Stop​ ​Direct Mail

Can’t​ ​Stop​ ​Direct Mail

Consumers’ email inboxes are crammed with junk and spam that will never get opened. Many financial advisor’s marketing emails are automatically marked as spam by email services, and some (including the super-popular Gmail), filter promotional emails into a separate inbox that most users don’t even bother to check. The shift to digital marketing has left the online landscape oversaturated to the point where consumers just don’t trust or notice advisor’s internet marketing efforts. More and more internet users are utilizing ad-blocking programs, so even your digital advertisements are being hidden from your potential customers. So, where can advertisers send their marketing materials where they won’t be blocked or ignored? The answer is standing at the bottom of your driveway: your mailbox. Direct mail could be the key to getting you better results.

For some, direct mail is a forgotten marketing channel that’s been left in the past. But for a growing number of smart marketers, the mail is once again becoming a popular route to deliver sales messages. In fact, marketers spent 44.9 million on direct mail last year and for good reasons. For one, mail can’t be ad-blocked and doesn’t require permission as text message marketing does. It’s also very easy to target and personalize. Most importantly, it is more emotionally impactful than digital marketing.

People appreciate paper again because it’s real, tangible, and stands out amongst the waves of digital spam. Direct mail creates a feeling for consumers that is distinctly human and classically professional- it helps you to not look like a company run by robots, as email marketing often does. Don’t get me wrong, plenty of mailers end up in the recycling bin before they even get read. The key to successful direct mail marketing is to offer something of value.

Tips For Adding Value To Your Direct Mail Campaign

  • Make It Look Nice: If you want your recipients to perceive value, the first step is to make your mailer look valuable. A cheap postcard with little color or visual appeal will likely be tossed to the trash, but when your mailer is printed on thick, glossy card stock with professional design and an appealing color scheme, it implies importance and will at least get read. The hope is that even if your recipient isn’t ready to pay for your services just yet, they will keep your mailer around until they are.
  • Link It To A Digital Landing Page: Combining marketing channels increases responses exponentially in many cases. While direct mail is a great way to invite people to your seminar and give them a brief summary of your services, there isn’t always enough room on a postcard to include the information needed to persuade recipients. Education plays a key role in the sales process for financial services. A short bulleted list on your mailer will let prospects know that you will be speaking on the issues that matter to them, but likely won’t demonstrate your expertise on those subjects. However, a link to a digital landing page allows you to provide more educational information that builds your credibility and demonstrates your value.

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