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Maximizing Conversions On Your Construction Company Website

Maximizing Conversions On Your Construction Company Website

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Your website can be massive source of customers for your construction company if it’s designed right… it can also be a waste of internet space if it’s missing the key components that convert prospects into customers! If you’d like to see your construction company’s website generate more business, ask yourself these seven questions…

Does my website look good on mobile devices?

Mobile searches take up a huge portion of online searches for local businesses. Responsive design is an absolute necessity for construction company’s websites because consumers are not patient when it comes to mobile. If your website is hard to read or looks “off” on a mobile device, know that your competitors are only a touch-screen tap away. Invest in mobile responsive design and you’ll see more conversions from mobile searchers.

Is my website’s content visually engaging?

Strong visual content is an absolute necessity to communicate the value of your construction business. Prospects will come to your website to see photos of your previous completed projects so that they can get a sense for the type and quality of work you do. A gallery of professional photos showcasing your best work will likely be a make-or-break of your website visitor converting into a sale. It will also help your prospects be more creative and have a better visualization of their desired project, which helps push them towards conversion. Don’t be afraid to go big with images on your homepage either; a large header image of your crew working on an especially stunning project will immediately catch eyes and get the prospect’s brain working in the right direction.

Does my website’s content promote visibility on search engines?

To get found by prospects online, your website needs to have original content that includes relevant keyword phrases. The content on your website’s homepage and service pages should include the use of keyword phrases that your potential clients would most likely be searching for. List all of the cities you provide your services to on your homepage to make sure you rank for localized searches like “commercial construction in Toronto” or “home builder in Miami”. Separate all of the specific services you provide into their own pages so that you can optimize each with keywords that relate to that service.

Does my website provide valuable content that generates leads?

 The main purpose of your website is to generate leads, and you can’t expect prospects to take one look and make a call. You need strategies in place to keep people on your site and to collect their information for further marketing efforts until they are ready to convert. Create original content that provides real value to your prospects by starting and regularly updating a blog. Blog topics can address common questions and concerns that your prospects have, offer advice, and share news related to your business. Save your most engaging content to use as a lead magnet (such as a whitepaper, ebook, or checklist) and gate this content by requiring visitors to enter their email address in order to download.

Is my contact information clearly visible on every page?

Keeping consistent contact information visible on every page of your website is not only good for SEO, but also necessary to maximize conversions. Give your prospects as many options to contact you as possible to increase the likelihood that they will; include your address, a contact form, an email address, phone number, and social media accounts on every page of your website to ensure that no matter where visitors end up, they can always contact you. It is also important to make your phone number a clickable button on your website so that consumers viewing it on a mobile phone can easily make the call. 

Are there clear Calls To Action on my website?

Your CTA’s (Call To Action) are what prompts your website visitors to do something you want. You may want them to fill out a form, call you, enter their email address, take advantage of a new offer, etc, but you can’t expect them to take these actions on their own. Big, bold CTA’s like “Call now to schedule your free remodeling consultation” “Enter your email to download our free ebook” or “Complete Home Services – Get A Free Estimate” help lead visitors to the next step and encourage them to take action.

Does my website add credibility to my business?

When people arrive at your website they will make snap judgements about the legitimacy and quality of your business. Whether you are viewed as credible or not depends on the design and content of your website. If your website design looks outdated or the copy contains spelling/grammatical errors, people won’t take your business seriously. A professionally designed, contemporary website adds credibility to your business because it shows that you are current and that you care about your company’s image. The best way to add credibility to your construction company’s website is to include client testimonials or case studies that showcase photos of the project, a description of the project, and the client’s own testimony of your work.

Does your construction company’s website hit all seven points on the checklist?

If not, there’s room for improvement and opportunity for more conversions! If your website needs a significant amount of work to get into optimum shape, Plum Direct Marketing can design you a beautiful website, built to convert customers, for an affordable price. Contact us today at 1-(800)-992-9663.

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