Direct Mail & The Health Insurance Industry

Direct Mail & The Health Insurance Industry

Getting new clients in the health insurance industry is tricky because marketers have a short window which really only allows them one opportunity to connect with prospects.

During the Annual Election Period, your competitors are furiously marketing to prospects, including your current clients! Your goal is to retain your clients for another year and gain new ones. What’s the best channel for marketing health insurance products?

Direct Mail. Why?

  • Healthcare marketing relies on your ability to build trust and credibility. Direct mail is the most trusted marketing channel amongst consumers.
  • Consumers require a fairly large amount of information before making decisions about health insurance. Direct mail doesn’t just capture their attention, it also allows you room for educating prospects on their choices.
  • Health insurance isn’t one-size-fits-all. You need to target relevant audiences with specific messages that pertain to them. Direct mail is easy to target and segment so that you don’t waste money marketing to the wrong people.

Direct mail marketing is a necessary investment for competitive health insurance sellers. It can take a long time to do backtesting and develop proper segmentation when you only get a three month period per year to market, but the time and effort it worth it.

Here are some quick tips for mail marketing success in the health insurance business

  • Utilize as much data as possible for targeting highly-specific market portions
  • Make your mailers count. You don’t have many chances to reach your prospects, so you need to capture their attention in one headline, persuade them with valuable informational content, and influence them with a strong call-to-action.
  • Be patient and don’t shy away from testing. It can be difficult to justify committing some of your budget to testing in the short-term because you when you see what works and what doesn’t, you won’t be able to adjust your plan until next year. If you want long-term success, you need to do exactly that. Refining your segmentation is a long process, but it’s the only way to compete in this market.
  • Work with an experienced direct mail marketing agency like Plum. We can create an impactful direct mail campaign with focused messaging and help you optimize your targeting for the best results.

When you have such a small window of opportunity for marketing, you can’t afford to waste it; contact Plum’s marketing experts at 1-800-992-9663 to find out how we can help grow your health insurance business with cost-effective marketing.

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