Understanding Google Maps’ New Local Search Ads

Understanding Google Maps’ New Local Search Ads

Connecting consumers from online search to in-store visit is rapidly becoming a top priority for marketers and business owners across the world. Recent statistics released by Google are showing that the way people find local businesses has almost entirely shifted to mobile online search, but the way they buy from those businesses is typically to visit physical locations and make purchases in-store. According to information presented at Google’s Summit:

  • Nearly one third of all mobile searches are location-based
  • Location-based search volume is growing at a rate 50% faster than mobile searches in general
  • 84% of consumers conduct location-based searches on Google
  • Around 3 out of every 4 people who make a location-based search end up visiting a store within 24 hours, with a 28% conversion rate once they get there
  • 90% of all global sales occur in a store rather than online

The following sequence describes the local buying process for most consumers:

  1. The consumer uses their mobile device to perform a localized Google search for a particular product or service (“restaurants near me”, “accountants in Houston”, etc.)
  2. Google displays a list of business profiles that are relevant to the search terms
  3. The consumer browses the list and makes a choice
  4. They click the “Directions” button, which gives them Google Maps directions to the location
  5. They make a purchase in-store

So, what can you do to make sure that your business shows up at the top of location-based search results for your industry? Google Maps’ new Local Search Ads will be a great way to push your name to the top of the line and get more searchers to visit your store. Local ads have been a part of Google Maps for years, but there are some new features on the way that can certainly help you boost your business’ foot traffic. These features include:

Promoted Pins

If you go on Google Maps and search “restaurant near me”, a bunch of red emblems called “pins” will appear to show you the closest results. Promoted Pins allows you to customize your pin with your company’s logo.

In-Store Promotions

This feature will allow you to include a promotion within your Google Maps listing. So when someone clicks on your business to see the address, hours, contact information, etc. they will also see an offer, such as “$3 off any appetizer when you purchase an entree” or “10% off haircuts” or whatever you think will get searchers into your store.

Local Inventory

Many consumers are apprehensive to visit stores when they don’t know if the product they want is in stock. The new update to Local Search Ads will allow you to display your inventory, letting searchers know that you have what they need.

All of these updates aim to help connect mobile searchers to the products they want at physical locations and help businesses gain more foot traffic. If you need help setting up an effective Google Maps Local Search Ad campaign, contact Plum Direct Marketing! We are experts in digital advertising and we know how to set up campaigns that generate sales and avoid wasting your budget on searchers that aren’t likely to convert into customers. Call us at 1-800-992-9663 for a free consultation and find out what we can do for you!

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