How Can Attorneys Adapt and Acquire New Clients as Courts Shut Down Amid the COVID-19 Pandemic?

How Can Attorneys Adapt and Acquire New Clients as Courts Shut Down Amid the COVID-19 Pandemic?

Courts are closing and it’s uncertain when normal functions will resume, but that doesn’t mean people’s legal problems will suddenly disappear. In fact, the health crisis and economic downturn will create new problems and leave even more people needing legal advice and assistance outside of the courtroom.

These are some examples of new legal demands we are seeing and expect to see as the situation develops:

Business Lawyers: We are already seeing the increased demand for corporate, business, and employment lawyers as companies deal with the uncharted territory and potential legal issues of having employees who may have been exposed to the virus, adapting to working remotely, and returning to their offices when the pandemic is no longer a threat.Additionally, insurance related disputes, and contractual agreement issues will be rampant. Cancelation and postponing of major conferences, concerts, and trade shows will lead to further work. There will be numerous institutions searching for answers to questions such as “does a pandemic excuse parties from performing their contractual obligations?”

Bankruptcy Lawyers: With the state of the economy, there will inevitably be an increase in bankruptcy and foreclosure cases, which means new opportunities for attorneys in these practice areas to offer advice and representation in negotiations outside of court.

Family Lawyers: With economic turmoil causing tension in families and disputes arising over child custody during times of quarantine and stay-at-home orders, people will need family lawyers to help them settle these and other related issues. 

Personal Injury Lawyers: Personal injury lawyers will still be able to seek settlements without taking cases to court, and there will likely be a rise in medical malpractice and nursing home negligence claims in the near future. Health insurance claims will certainly increase and disputes with insurance providers will require civil attorneys to negotiate.

Criminal Defense Lawyers: Though criminal trials are being delayed, people facing criminal charges will still need defense attorneys to advise them and advocate for their release. 

Estate Planning and Probate Lawyers: More people will be thinking about creating or updating their estate plans and more people will be dealing with probate matters that require an attorney’s guidance. 

Immigration Lawyers: This crisis and the recent travel bans raise a host of difficult immigration issues for immigrants in the U.S, international students, U.S businesses who employ immigrants on H-1B visas, U.S businesses with international personnel, and more.

The attorneys who market themselves intelligently will gain new business and with most people staying inside more than usual, the ROI for billboards and radio advertisements won’t be encouraging. Everyone is at home, using the internet; that’s where you need to make your presence known and connect with potential clients. 

We are seeing more lawyers meeting with their clients digitally and having success marketing online with digital marketing programs. The need for legal services will never decline, especially in times of uncertainty and crisis; you have an opportunity to help people navigate these situations, as well as an opportunity to increase your business. Plum’s marketing strategies haven’t changed, there is just more of a need than ever to make sure you are getting found for terms like “lawyer near me”, “family lawyer”, “Divorce lawyer Daytona”, etc.

If you have questions about holding digital appointments or which online marketing strategies will be most effective, you can speak to a specialist from Plum Direct Marketing. We help attorneys and law firms of all sizes and practice areas connect with the people who need them. Contact us today: (508) 717-3509

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