8 Modern Marketing Strategies For Law Firms

8 Modern Marketing Strategies For Law Firms

How do law firms acquire new clients and grow their businesses in the modern age? The best marketing strategies for law firms are ones that target a specific audience with a specific message, at the time they need it most. General brand recognition is important as well, but the number one goal of law firm marketing is to capture the people who are looking for a lawyer right now.

Here are 8 modern marketing strategies for law firms that want more clients, more cases, and more revenue:

Have a modern website

This is a basic step, but one that many law firms have yet to take. A high-quality, mobile-responsive website is absolutely necessary to be found and seriously considered by potential clients. Your website should have a separate page for each service you provide, contact information on every page, and consultation request forms to capture leads.

Improve your SEO and SEM

When someone Google’s a search query like “San Antonio divorce attorney” or “personal injury lawyer near me”, the results will typically go as follows: paid advertisements at the top, then Google Maps listings, then regular organic search results. It’s important for your website to show up in all three when people are searching for services you offer, especially if your firm has a specific niche. Try to make each page on your website rank for a different set of relevant keywords by including them sensibly in headlines and throughout the copy. Improving organic search rankings and running AdWords campaigns requires constant monitoring and adjusting, so if you don’t have time for it, you’d be wise to hire a reliable digital marketing agency to help you move up in the search ranks and stay there.

Produce and publish valuable content

Great content not only drives new visitors to your website, it also helps convert visitors into clients by displaying your expert knowledge and gaining their trust. There are two types of content that work spectacularly for law firm websites. The first is a blog: write helpful, practical articles about legal issues that you deal with. The second is to create videos that help prospects understand certain legal topics. When prospects see your face on video and hear you speak about the issue they are dealing with, it builds trust before they even make the first phone call to you. Content marketing is the perfect marketing strategy for law firms because it communicates your expertise and begins building a relationship with potential clients who are still in the research stage of hiring a lawyer.

Seek out referral sources

Referrals are and have always been one of the biggest sources of business for lawyers. You should spend a little time every week seeking out mutually beneficial relationships and always encourage your clients to refer their friends and family. Let people know what kind of cases you are looking for. Connect with other businesses whose clients may need your services, for example, accountants or investment brokers.

Use custom landing pages for all ad campaigns

Whether you are advertising by postcard, email, or AdWords you should direct traffic to campaign-specific landing pages. Advertisements that send prospects to your homepage will not produce many conversions. Always send prospects to a dedicated page where they can only complete one action (to contact you or fill out your consultation request form). Custom landing pages can be inexpensive to build and they significantly increase conversions for advertising campaigns across all channels.

Try retargeting ad campaigns

Retargeting is a brilliant form of digital advertising that increases website conversions by reminding visitors who didn’t convert to return. When you place a retargeting pixel on a page of your website, anyone who visits that page will be followed around the internet by your ads. Here’s a hypothetical example: Someone is considering filing an intellectual property case. They search Google for intellectual property lawyers in their area and wind up on a page of your website dedicated to that topic. They read the information, but leave without filling out your consultation request form. Later that day, they are reading an article on their favorite news website and an ad for your intellectual property law services appears on the sidebar. They think to themselves, “Oh yeah, I still need to contact a lawyer,” and they click the ad. This method re-engages prospects, keeping you in the top of their minds until they are ready to convert.

Use Analytics to delegate your focus

Google Analytics is an essential tool for understanding your law firm website’s traffic. Take a look at which pages and landing pages are getting the most traffic and note where it’s coming from. Start revising the content on those high-traffic pages to improve their conversion rates. Add a more prominent call-to-action, remove unnecessary details, fix any ugly design mistakes, and make the messaging as focused as possible so that it speaks to a specific audience.

Ask clients for reviews

When it comes to ranking in Google Maps results, having a lot of positive Google reviews just might be the most influential factor. A great way to get Google reviews is to run an email campaign asking your current clients for a review; include a link to your Google review page in the email to make it simple for them. Most will be happy to give you 5 stars, but they typically won’t unless you ask!

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