New Mover Marketing: Turn Your Community’s Newcomers Into Customers

New Mover Marketing: Turn Your Community’s Newcomers Into Customers

When someone moves, they suddenly have open options for the services they pay for. The businesses that they were once loyal to are now too far away for convenience and they have to find new local favorites… unless the businesses find them first!

By immediately marketing to new movers as soon as they arrive, you can establish your company as the most trusted and reliable option in the area. To take it a step further, by giving new movers a considerable discount offer on your services, you can hook them into becoming lifetime customers.

How to reach new movers

The best way to contact every person who moves to your area is by using a new mover direct mail campaign. These campaigns identify new movers within a specified radius on a monthly basis and target them with a series of postcards or letters.

How to turn new movers into new customers

Your mailers serve several purposes. For one, they make new movers aware of your brand name. They should also give these new prospects a reason to choose you rather than seek out alternative options (your local competitors). Here are some steps you should take to make sure your new mover direct mail campaign converts newcomers into loyal customers.

Personalize it

VDP (Variable Data Printing) allows for personalization within direct mail campaigns, so you can send the same mailer to 500 new movers and address each of them by name. This grabs their attention, makes your mailer feel special, and shows them that you are a local business that cares about the people of your community.

Welcome them

Don’t just advertise to new movers; make it clear why you are mailing to them. By welcoming them to the area, your mailer will be perceived as a kind gesture instead of typical marketing junk mail.

Introduce yourself

Let new movers know who you are and what you can do for them. Include information that reinforces the idea that you are the most trusted local option for your products/services, such as: how long you’ve been in the business, how many clients you serve, any awards or accreditations you’ve received, testimonials from satisfied customers etc).

Make an irresistible offer

The best way to ensure that they don’t go looking elsewhere for your services is to include a great discount offer. Moving is an expensive time in a person’s life; if they can get something for an unbelievable price, they’ll give it a try. Even if you don’t make any money on their first purchase, you have an opportunity to show them the quality of your service and hook them for life.

Integrate with a digital landing page

You want to give your new mover prospects as many ways to contact you as possible. One way to increase conversion rates is to create an online landing page dedicated to your campaign where prospects can redeem your special offer and include a link to it on your mailers.

Use Facebook Ads for a double-whammy

Facebook’s advertising platform allows you to target new movers within your specified radius. That means you can hit the same people who got your mailers with a digital advertising campaign that matches and reinforces the same message. The more times a prospect is exposed to your branding and message, the more likely they will be to convert, especially if they are exposed over both digital and physical mediums.

How to get started on a new mover direct mail campaign

Plum Direct Marketing can help you create and execute a direct mail campaign that identifies new movers on a regular basis and reaches them with personalized letters or postcards. We can also design a landing page and a Facebook Ad campaign to compliment your direct mail campaign and skyrocket your conversions.

If you want to make sure that everyone who moves to your community knows about you before they know about your competitors, contact Plum at 1-800-992-9663 or visit our website for more information!

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