Social Media: How To Turn Followers Into Customers

Social Media: How To Turn Followers Into Customers


  • Ask everyone you know – including your existing customers – to follow your account
  • Include the social media icons and your usernames on your website and branding materials
  • Look for accounts that post similar content to yours and follow their followers (you can do this on Instagram, but not Facebook)
  • Do some research on the most effective hashtags for your industry and use them
  • See if you can get “shout-outs” from friends, family, customers, or other businesses
  • Engage with other businesses in your industry by liking and commenting on their posts
  • Try boosting your posts or running ads on Facebook and Instagram


The key is to give your followers content they really care about. Nobody logs onto Instagram with the intention of looking at advertisements; the app’s primary use is for entertainment. Think about your target market and what they are interested in and create content that they will connect with.


Social media is a great tool for increasing brand awareness. After brand awareness comes brand engagement, which in terms of social media can mean liking, sharing, and commenting on your posts. If you have someone engaging with your brand, you have a high quality lead. Although you want your account to be much more focused on entertainment than advertisement, it’s okay to mention your products or services sometimes, especially if you can do it in creative ways. The whole idea is to post content your followers care about, and if your followers don’t care about your products and services, they probably aren’t the right followers for your business. If you’re doing a good job posting interesting content, and your followers are aware of what your business does, followers can become customers through the link in your bio.

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