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Social Media: The Key to Real Estate Success

Social Media: The Key to Real Estate Success

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Many industries have struggled to integrate social media into their marketing strategies in a way that is meaningful and beneficial. Real estate agents, however, have found great success in the digital era, utilizing a variety of ways to grow their brands, generate leads, and get new clients via social media. The following tips should not only convince you to add social media to your marketing strategy, but also show you how to use each social media platform effectively to grow your real estate business!


Within the last year, updates to the Instagram app have made it even more useful for realtors wishing to post listings, build brand image, and obtain leads. You can now upload multiple photos on the same post, creating a gallery of images that users can easily flip through. This is great for listings, as you can show different rooms and angles of the property. You can also upload videos up to 60 seconds long. This is an opportunity for you to give a quick video tour, which in some cases can be much more engaging than photographs alone. Instagram also allows you space to type in a caption, in which you can include hashtags that bring in users who don’t already follow you.


Facebook is a great place to build your brand image and connect with your potential clients. Keep the new listing posts to a minimum on Facebook; your audience on this platform do not want to be hard sold. It’s a much more effective platform for positioning yourself as a thought-leader and a helpful, engaged member of your community. Post about local events, community news, and anything you think your potential clients would be interested in. These kinds of posts help you build a credible and trusted ethos in your community, and they also engage your audience and eventually drive traffic to your website.


Twitter is great for building your network. You can use it to connect and interact with local businesses and influencers. You can get leads by sharing listings on Twitter, but it’s also recommended that you post customer-centric content as well to get more exposure and continue branding yourself.

The key to real estate success on social media is to focus on your potential clients, not you. Use it as a way to post helpful, educational content and engage your community, so that when your followers are ready to buy, they know who to come to. Utilize visual content as often as you can, using photos and videos to enhance your listings. Social media is a must-have in today’s real estate climate, and depending on how you use it, it could make or break your business! If you need help planning an effective social media strategy that brings in real estate leads, contact Plum Direct Marketing at 1-(800)-992-9663 or visit our website for more information.

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