Precision Orthotic & Prothstetic is a medical technology provider. We designed their branding and created a new website to fit their clients' needs.

Precise design
Precision Orthotic & Prosthetic Technology provides devices and services that help amputees and people with chronic pain to improve their conditions. They needed a modern website that could help explain their array of products. Precision also wanted to strengthen their branding, so we were tasked with designing an effective logo for the company’s marketing materials.


Precision Orthotic & Prosthetic Technology Logo Progression
LePage Insurance Logo progress

When designing the logo for Precision Orthotic & Prosthetic Technology, we wanted to create something eye-catching and memorable that captures the essence of what they do for their clients. We used a cool color scheme with different shades of blue to maintain a traditional healthcare look and invoke feelings of peacefulness and reliability. The typeface is easily readable, appropriate for the industry, and modern enough for a cutting-edge technology company.  In the final versions we added an outreaching arm graphic to bring the point home and give Precision’s logo a unique human touch. 

Web Design & Development

Precision Orthotic & Prosthetic Technology needed a contemporary website to increase the legitimacy of their business to prospects and explain what their products do to improve the lives of their clients. We designed a website that looks how a medical technology website should. It’s full of informative content and drives prospects to request an appointment by filling out a form online. With their new website designed by Plum, they are now better equipped to turn their web traffic into profit.

Precision Orthotic & Prosthetic tablet
Precision Orthotic & Prosthetic Desktop Website
Precision Orthotic & Prosthetic Mobile Website
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