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Diesel-powered engines, Plum-powered website.


Windward Power Systems is a family owned business that sells, repairs, and services marine diesel engines in Massachusetts. Plum designed a polished new website with pages for their services, product descriptions, customer testimonials, and contact information. They also needed a new logo, which Plum designed and used to create a strong brand image on the new Windward Power Systems website.

Web Design & Development

Working to create a digital presence for Windward Power Systems has been one of our favorite projects. This father and son duo have an incredible passion for marine diesel engines and their work speaks for itself. We were committed to making a responsive website that not only provides customers with the resources they needed, but also focuses on new customer acquisition. With a mix of pages for services, product descriptions, customer testimonials, and business contact information, Windward Power Systems has a website built with their consumer in mind.

Ecommerce Store

Windward Power Systems Ecommerce Store

Windward Power Systems needed an online store where customers could easily browse their products and make purchases. We designed an online shop for their website, which sells stainless steel marine parts. We broke their products down into sections dedicated to different types of parts to make it easier for customers to find what they’re looking for. We also included a feature for customers to select from a range of size options for each product. Windward’s new ecommerce store is an effective addition to their website! 

Sell Sheets

Windward Power Sales Sheets

The amount of parts that goes into assembling marine diesel engines is truly incredible. After our consultation with Windward, we collectively realized that we needed a way to organize their parts into a consumer-friendly sell sheet. Our design team created a flyer that breaks down the variety of caps, plugs, nut, sleeves, etc., that their business has to offer. This flyer has helped Windward Power Systems communicate more effectively with their consumers about the incredible variety of parts they have to offer.

Logo Design

Initially Windward Power Systems was looking for a total re-brand design. To truly come up with a new brand direction, we first wanted to learn as much as we could about what they do. Throughout our findings we discovered the meaning behind the name of the company. Windward is the side of a boat that directly faces the wind. We incorporated this idea in a more modern approach to breathe life into the brand. Our design progression shows our attention to color and placement regarding the overall look of the logo.

We were incredibly happy with the work we produced, but Windward chose to stick with their original logo because of its cemented roots in their business and community. Therefore, Plum took Windward’s original logo and tweaked it slightly. We cleaned their buoy and text to ensure it stood out in the overall look. Our design team also recreated their logo to make it appear clearer and updated for digital compatibility for future use.

Windward Power Systems logo design
I found everyone engaged and professional and very interested in making sure Windward Power was happy and satisfied. The speed and quality of the work done was outstanding. I also feel the value was excellent. You and your team are a breathe of fresh air, where most businesses find excuses and reasons why they could not or would not deliver as promised. I will be calling you for any and all of our future needs and I will also tell anyone that asks, about how satisfied I am with Plum Direct Marketing.

Nate Tynan