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Cookie Campaigns


You know the easiest, most effective and inexpensive way of generating a source of business is through referrals from local professionals in your community. But you also know you don’t have the time in your busy schedule to build these relationships. Could you hire an employee to do this for you? Sure, but what do they do once their relationships are solidified and their purpose has been served?

Simplify your approach and let Plum build these relationships for you!

Plum identifies a minimum of 16 local professionals in your area who work with the same clients that you potentially want to work with. These are the professionals who you want to forge relationships with to increase your business.

For Example:

  • Accountants
  • Tax-Preparers
  • Attorneys
  • CPA’s

You Pick Your Branding Package:

  • Choice of colors
  • Type of cookie 

Plum Creates Three Unique Marketing Letters:

  1. Introducing you as the local expert
  2. The benefits they would receive in referring business to you
  3. Why their clients would benefit from working with you over your competitors

What Happens Next:

These targeted companies receive a box of goodies branded to your company with the marketing letter each month (minimum of three months).



Why can’t I sign up for one month? Because marketing is all about consistency. If you are just going to try it once, it won’t work and we want you to be successful!

How good are your treats?
Click the “Get Started” button below and we will show you how good they are!

So you expect people to just send me business?
No, Plum will let you know when these targeted businesses will receive your package. We want you to call them the next day and simply introduce yourself. We also provide scripts if you’d like a place to start. This creates a genuine and personal connection, and leaves these businesses feeling favorably about you.

What if they search for me online instead of calling?
Great question, you better make sure you have an online presence. If they can’t find you, you should probably look into building a website. (PS. Our sites start at $499.99!)

16 businesses? That’s too many, I can’t handle that growth!
Although we’d like to brag and tell you all 16 companies may call, the truth of the matter is, initially you might secure 5 relationships. However, we spread out your boxes weekly so you would have 4 or 8 boxes going out per week, depending on the campaign you sign up for. YOU HAVE TIME FOR 8 calls a week if it means increasing your revenue by 20%!

Try Our Cookies

Ready to launch a creative campaign with Plum? Click the button below to request your cookies.


apple-touch-icon Send Me Cookies

In a hurry? You can give us a call instead at 1-800-992-9663 to get started!