Brand strategy and Branding Design Services

for companies that want to build a strong brand strategy and an identity that resonates with their target audience.
Plum helps you brand all aspects of your marketing and communications with a memorable look and a consistent voice,
to ensure that every customer interaction leaves a lasting impression.

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Logo Design

Your company's logo is an essential part of your overall brand strategy. Our logo creation process begins with an in-depth discussion about your business, from your industry and target market to your beliefs and values, so that we can get a picture of who you are as a company. Your feedback is integral as we brainstorm and conceptualize your logo design.

Plum Direct Marketing Copywriting


Compelling copy drives consumers to take action. We write content that influences emotions and leads prospects through conversion paths, all while creating/maintaining consistency in your brand’s voice and message. Plum can provide search engine optimized website content, blog posts, newsletters, advertising copy and more.

Plum Direct Marketing Tone & Voice

Tone & Voice

After researching your target market and learning how your company currently communicates with its customers, we identify and refine your brand’s tone/voice to be appropriate, thoughtful, and professional. Then, we take that voice and apply it consistently to any and all writing related to your business, including your website content, advertisements, and other marketing materials.

Plum Direct Marketing Typography


We choose typefaces that speak to your brand identity and apply them to all of your materials, both digital and print. We aim to create typography that consumers will recognize and associate with your brand moving forward. As a part of your company's brand strategy, typography plays an essential role in creating a memorable image for your business.

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Our Branding Design Process



design & Development


We are a Full-Service branding agency

Digital branding design

Digital Branding Design

We design eye-catching, engaging graphics and apply them to your website, social media pages, and digital advertisements to create a consistent image that sticks in the minds of your prospects as they interact with your business online. We are a full-service creative agency with an in-house graphic design team, so you can speak with the people who are actually working on your project.

Branding design, print services


Our branding agency hosts our very own printing facility, with 17 employees working to create your physical marketing materials with the best technology and highest quality materials available. We design and print business cards, stationary, custom envelopes, direct mail postcards, event invitations, flyers, brochures, catalogs, and more. Add a physical element to your branding with our printing services.

Advertising Promotions


Whether you are looking to advertise your business in newspapers and magazines or on the internet, we can work with your budget and assess your goals to plan, design, and execute effective advertising campaigns. We design advertisements that are not only attractive, but specifically devised to convert the highest amount of viewers into sales. 

Plum Direct Marketing Packaging Design


We design product packaging that increases sales by grabbing the attention of shoppers in your target market. Plum’s in-house creative team will work with you to produce the most effective product package design for your specific goals.

Plum Direct Marketing Icon & Illustration Design


Images increase consumer engagement in all channels of marketing. We can design icons and infographics for you website, illustrations for your product owner’s manual, etc. Work with our creative design team to bring your vision to life and make your digital/physical marketing materials more engaging. 

Plum Direct Marketing Photography


Quality imagery is important for all marketing channels and branded materials. We can give you great deals on high-quality, relevant stock photographs for your website or advertising campaigns. 


Branding is the combination of ways in which businesses intentionally communicate their identities to the world. By keeping a consistent design, style, and tone in your marketing materials, you can create a brand image that speaks to the unique qualities of your company and to the unique sensibilities of your target market. Everything from your business card to the way your employees are trained to greet customers affects the way people experience your business, and therefor the brand image that they remember.

Your logo, signature color scheme and typeface, motto/tagline, etc., can all send messages that create mental associations between your company and certain qualities such as eco-friendliness, technological savvy, artisan craftsmanship, thoughtful customer service, high-end luxury, or whatever you want the world to think about when they hear your company’s name. 

A great brand strategy works to accomplish a specific goal. It has to be considerate of your target audience and the things they care about. Without straying too far from your industry’s traditional themes, your branding should show consumers why your company is different from competitors. We help businesses figure out the personality they want to convey to their audience and then provide branding services like graphic design and content writing to apply that message both visually and textually to their marketing. The end result is the creation of tangible brand identity that promotes growth and customer loyalty. 

When you apply consistent branding, it results in a certain feeling or thought that consumers associate with your company. Branding is what makes your business distinct from competitors who offer similar products or services. It is also extremely helpful in making consumers remember your company. Without a great brand strategy, a great company could easily be mistaken as unprofessional and unworthy by thousands of potential customers. In a world where consumers have all of their options at their fingertips, businesses with strong branding outshine those without, regardless of the quality of products/services provided. 

When you work with a creative branding agency like Plum, you ensure that all of your marketing is consistent in its look and tone so that your prospects and customers start to recognize your brand identity with each interaction they have with your company. As this familiarity increases, the people who connect with your company’s identity will become loyal to the brand. 

Unlike many other branding companies, Plum is a full-service marketing agency with years of experience helping a wide variety of businesses grow. We can help you assess your target market and the things they relate to, as well as the things that make your company unique and exceptional. After a discussion with one of our expert marketing consultants, you should have a clearer picture of the branding strategy that will be most effective for your business. Contact us for a free consultation and find out what we can do to help you shape your brand.

Your logo is often the first impression prospects have of your company, and they’ll make judgments based on it within a few seconds. For that reason, an effective logo is the foundation of an effective brand strategy. A great logo is:

Whether a prospect sees your logo in an online listing, on a postcard advertisement, or on your sign as they walk down the street, you have an opportunity to catch their interested. If your logo is attractive and specifically appealing to your target market, it will make prospects curious when they see it.

We start by identifying the values and beliefs of your target market and observe the way other companies convey those ideas in their logos. Certain symbols, typefaces, and color schemes are commonly associated with certain ideas. For example, the color blue is associated with trust, openness, security, and professionalism, which is why it is often used by financial institutions, medical businesses, and tech companies.

A great logo looks just as good on the side of a pen as it does on the side of a truck. It’s also effective whether in color or black/white. A logo that is too complicated will be harder to recognize when it has to be sized down for materials like business cards. It should match with the color scheme of your website and marketing materials. Plum provides adaptable designs that can be used across all mediums and look great on everything from a smartphone screen to a billboard.

While you should play on industry traditions and stay away from anything too abstract, your logo needs to differentiate you from competitors to have the most impact. We assess the things that make your company unique and the reasons why your customers choose you over competitors. Then, we inject those ideas into your logo by making careful choices in color, typeface, and graphics to create a logo that fully represents the spirit of your brand.

We do not outsource any of the work for the branding services that we offer. We also do not use clip-art or generic graphics for logo and branding design. Our in-house graphic design team will speak with you personally and design your logo from scratch. After an in-depth discussion about your business, target market, and the intended direction of your branding, we’ll start to conceptualize your ideas and will likely create several draft logos to see what you like and don’t like.

We allow unlimited revisions, so you can keep making suggestions until your logo looks exactly how you want it. You will receive several versions and sizes of your logo for use on your website, business cards, advertisements, etc. 

Excellent written content makes your company look professional and sets you apart from competitors. It also helps educate prospects about your business and influences them to convert. Effective copy is concise, purposeful, and designed to lead your prospects from discovery to conversion. It also builds upon your brand identity by keeping a consistent tone and message.

If you need written content for your website, blog, newsletter, advertising campaign, email marketing campaign etc., we can provide you with compelling content that adheres to your brand’s intended tone and style. Our copywriters will work with you over the phone to assess the goals of your project and turn your ideas into well-written, easily-digestible, and persuasive copy. 

Yes. We can apply your branding to all mediums including but not limited to: your website, business cards and other print materials, digital ads, and product packaging.

Our marketing services go beyond branding design; we also offer Website Design, Direct Mail, and Online Advertising services. 

There are two main differences between Plum and many creative agencies that offer the same branding services:

  1. We offer a comprehensive one-stop-shop for marketing and branding services. We not only design logos and branding graphics, we also help businesses plan and implement an effective brand strategy. Our knowledge and experience in the marketing industry sets us apart from competitors because we have worked with thousands of companies across all different industries and we know just as much about marketing as we do creative design.
  2. We do everything in-house. Every logo and graphic is designed by our own team and all content is written by our own copywriters. Every project is custom-tailored for the client; we never use generic clip art in our designs. We have our own printing facility where we produce direct mail postcards and branded marketing materials. Our agency is large enough to have access to all the resources you need to build a fantastic brand, but small enough to provide you with dedicated attention. We want to involve our clients in the creative process as much as possible to ensure that the results are satisfactory. You can always get someone on the phone to answer your questions and take your suggestions.

Prices vary by project. Contact us and let us know what you’re looking for; after a consultation, we can provide a price quote.

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We offer individual branding services and small business branding packages.

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