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Financial Industry

Proven Marketing Mastery for Financial Advisors

Whether you are planning for financial seminar workshops or one-on-one appointments, as a financial professional, your campaign needs a tailored strategy that transcends conventional marketing services.

With an emphasis on customization, measurable goals, and efficiency, we work to ensure your events attract qualified consumers, offering meaningful opportunities for the continued growth of your financial business

Leveraging over seventeen years of expertise in delivering targeted marketing solutions for the financial industry, Plum stands as a reliable and seasoned ally for financial advisors seeking a competitive edge in their financial seminar business. 



Direct Mail

List Generation

Graphic Design

Online Advertising

Web Design

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Seminar Invitation Mailers

Unlocking your greatest seminar success goes beyond a beautiful invitation – it hinges on delivering an effective and targeted message.  Our proprietary mailers aren’t just pretty; they’re meticulously tested nationwide for optimal impact, ensuring your message resonates consistently, hitting the right notes every time. 

🚀 Strategic Impact: Our mailers undergo rigorous nationwide testing, guaranteeing maximum effectiveness.  

📅 Consistent Results: Mapped-out strategies ensure robust outcomes every month. 

We’re not just in the business of sending invites. From creating compelling financial presentations to securing the perfect venue and even slashing those food costs – consider it done.

Worried about no-shows, call wait lists, or cancellations? We’ve got it covered.

Support that extends far beyond the envelope

Drive it home with our Seminar Training

The 'S' Factor In Unlocking Seminar Success

The Power of Data-Driven, Captivating Messaging

Years of experience prove the right words guarantee the right responses. The secret to seminar success is in crafting precise and compelling messaging that captivates your audience. It’s not just an invite; it’s a data-driven approach ensuring your seminar stands out and draws the audience you desire.

Elevating Your Image & Workshop Value

Plum’s Invitations spotlight your expertise, credentials, and the educational richness of your workshop – far beyond the ‘free food’ hook. Ensure a compelling first impression, establishing immediate credibility with prospects. This distinctive approach not only sets you apart from other advisors but also draws an audience genuinely interested in the substance of your offering, not just a free meal.

Precision Demographic Screening for Qualified Prospects

Choosing demographics isn’t just about ticking age or income boxes. At Plum, our financial seminar consultants take you beyond the basics, using diverse and data-driven selection strategies to precisely target the prospects you want. It’s not just list selection; it’s strategic precision, ensuring your outreach hits the bullseye with your target audience. 

Boosting Response Rates with Smart Mail Timing

The downfall for many seminar marketers? Over-saturation. Hitting the same prospects too often leads to dwindling responses and major frustration. At Plum, we steer clear of that trap, crafting a strategy that ensures consistently stellar results month after month. It’s not just about mailing; it’s about nailing the right timing to maximize impact and keep those responses rolling in.

Ready to start receiving quality leads?

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From Qualified Leads To Quality Clients
With One-On-One Appointment Mailers

One-on-One Appointment Mailers

Cultivate real connections with our one-on-one appointment mailers – your key to engaging a diverse audience, beyond the typical seminar crowd. Crafted to pinpoint your preferred clientele, our top-notch mail pieces don’t just capture interest; they spark curiosity. You call the shots – choose the prospects you want to meet. Our one-on-one campaign, flexed over 3,500 times in the last 5 years, isn’t just a lead generator; it’s your personal connection catalyst. Proven to reach and resonate with the right prospects, it sets your services apart and nudges them to initiate contact. It’s more than an appointment; it’s your strategic ally for fostering meaningful connections and driving impactful results.


Our Process

Without the utmost precision in your screening process, even the most highly curated messaging will fall flat. We meticulously identify the defining characteristics of your ideal clientele – from age to income and beyond. This data-driven approach ensures laser-focused marketing efforts that maximize impact, attracting the clients that matter most.

Fueled by the precise insights of your targeted demographics, we begin the creation process of high-impact mailers, transforming them from mere invitations into finely-tuned messaging that resonate specifically with your ideal demographic. In short, every mailer becomes a strategic tool, effectively engaging the most relevant clients and amplifying the impact of your marketing endeavors.

We dispatch compelling mailers. Engaged prospects are then prompted to call your personal dedicated RSVP line, where they are received by professional scheduling coordinators, trained on your personal business best practices and etiquette preferences. 

Engaged prospects calling in are swiftly screened based on your set minimum investable assets  (e.g., $50,000 or more). In cases where an individual doesn’t meet your qualifying criteria, you decide whether you’d still like to pursue them as a potential lead. Interested in enhanced insights? Opt for an extra Income-Producing-Assets screening, available at an additional fee.

Your calendar, your terms, and your connections – all seamlessly orchestrated by Plum. Your qualified prospects are seamlessly guided through scheduling one-on-one appointments based on your given availability. Once the mailers hit, expect appointments filling your calendar within just ten business days. 

Establishing this personal connection with your potential new client through a pre-meeting call isn’t just about understanding needs; it’s a powerful trust-building tool. This is why we encourage you to take charge of those confirmation calls personally (of course, we’re here to support as much as you need along the way).

Engaging prospects in meaningful dialogue establishes rapport, building confidence in your expertise, increasing the likelihood of a successful conversion, and laying the foundation for a lasting client relationship. Not only will you be better equipped to tailor your approach to their individual preferences and goals, but prospects will be more receptive to your recommendations when it comes time to meet.

Stay ahead, stay informed, and stay in control with real-time campaign monitoring.

Use your personal login credentials to gain direct access to your campaign database and leverage real-time campaign insights. Track live results, access comprehensive contact information, and even review recorded conversations with prospects setting appointments, all at your fingertips.

Elevate your expertise with tailored coaching support. Benefit from data-driven insights on appointment-setting, complemented by a wealth of online training resources and personalized one-on-one video conferencing assistance.

Learn More About One-On-One Appointment Mailers Today

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Lead Generation Mailers

Our custom reply cards offer a streamlined, compliant, and efficient approach to lead generation, without unnecessary complications, so you can get straight down to business. 

Spanning a spectrum of financial services, from Medicare Supplements to Wealth Transfer, choose from a variety of mailer formats, such as double postcards mailed first class for rapid responses. We customize your design with your branding and tailored messaging, and even work with your compliance regulations to ensure a seamless on-brand experience. 

With tailored design services, quality in-house printing, daily lead response reports, updated mailing lists, and rapid turnaround times, Plum’s reply cards are a comprehensive, data-driven marketing solution for your lead generation needs. 



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