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Generate qualified leads and secure the clients you
want the most with One-on-One Appointment Mailers

One-On-One Appointment Mailers

One-on-one appointments give you the opportunity to have personal interactions and begin building relationships with people who do not traditionally frequent seminars. We can help you target your preferred clientele, capture their interests with a high-quality mail piece, and let you select the prospects you want to meet with. Our one-on-one appointment campaign is a turn-key lead generation system that our clients have used over 3,500 times in the last 5 years. It’s proven to effectively reach qualified prospects, differentiate your services, and influence them to make contact with you.

Some Quick Highlights:

  • RSVP phone service available 24/7 that prequalifies candidates and sets appointments according to your schedule.

  • The average campaign yields between 17-25 phone calls and 8-12 qualified appointments.

  • Appointments typically begin 2 weeks after the mailing or less.

  • Personal and intimate nature of appointments appeal to affluent prospects.

  • Prospects are pre-screened and motivated.

  • Mailers are compliance-friendly.

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Our Process:

1. We perform a targeted demographic screening to locate qualified prospects in your area.

2. We create a high-quality mailers which invite prospects to a one-on-one appointment in your office or in their homes. The mailer offers a $100 gift card to a local restaurant in exchange for meeting with you.

3. We send out your mailers. Interested prospects will call a 1-800 RSVP service dedicated to your campaign, where they will be able to book an appointment according to your schedule.

4. Prospects who call in will be screened for a minimum amount of investable assets that you determine (e.g. $50,000 or more). If an individual does not qualify, you can still pursue them as a lead. ***An Income-Producing-Assets screening is also available for an additional fee***

5. You receive a personalized login to a database to monitor your results, view contact information, and listen to the recorded conversations of prospects setting the appointments with you.

6. Once the mailers hit, you can expect to see appointments within ten business days. All we encourage you to do is make the confirmation calls to establish a rapport with your potential clients.

7. If you need help conducting these meetings, we offer personal coaching as well!



While the appearance of an invitation is important, the message holds the secret to seminar success. Plum invests a great deal of time and expense developing our own proprietary mailers and beta testing them across the country to find out what gets the best response. We take the time to map out a strategy that’s designed to yield consistently good results month in and month out.

In Addition to the Printing and Mailing, We Also Offer:

  • Complete Seminar presentations and guides, up to date articles and questionnaire forms created by a multi-million-dollar producer.

  • Guidance in choosing your optimal seminar location & negotiating food costs.

  • Call wait lists, no shows and cancellations to ensure your event is filled.

What You Will Receive:

  • Seminar training and Appointment Setting coaching.

  • Online training videos and one-on-one video conferencing assistance.

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The “S” Factor in Your
Seminar’s Success

Substance: The message holds the key to filling seminar seats

We know how to capture your target audience’s attention and draw them in with information that is relevant and enticing to them. We have years of experience creating seminar mailers and our results prove that using the right words gets you more responses.

Status: We emphasize your professional image and the value of your presentation

Plum’s Invitations put the emphasis on your knowledge, credentials, and the educational value of your workshop, not just the ‘free food.’ Not only do you make a great first impression and start building credibility with prospects, you immediately differentiate yourself from the other advisors in town—and you attract people who are interested in more than the meal.

Selection: Optimum demographic screening targets qualified prospects

List selection is a lot more than just picking an age or income range. Plum’s seminar consultants help you to target exactly the type of prospects you want by using a variety of demographic selection strategies.

Strategy: Maintaining high response rates by avoiding over-saturation of mail

One of the biggest reasons that seminar marketers fail is over-saturation. Mailing to the same prospects repeatedly results in declining response rates—and frustration. We take the time to map out a strategy that’s designed to yield consistently good results month in and month out.

Innovative direct mail lead generation for extraordinary response rates and conversions.

We provide easy, effective lead generation programs.

Get a custom design, high-quality printing and mailing service, and daily lead response reports. Our mailers come in a variety of formats, including double postcards that mail first class for quick responses. We customize your design with your branding and your message. All mailers can be altered to meet compliance regulations if necessary.

Why choose Plum’s Lead
Mailer Services?

  • Complete Campaigns – Campaigns include design, printing, mail handling, and electronic response reports.

  • Updated Mailing Lists – Verified addresses so that you can accurately target prospects who are eligible for the services you provide and avoid wasting money.

  • Fast Turnaround Time – Leads begin returning in approximately 2-3 weeks.

  • Expert Design Services – Our design team is experienced and knowledgeable. We can help you customize an attractive and professional design with your branding, a message that hits home with your target audience, and a call-to-action that drives responses.

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