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Plum’s custom direct mail marketing campaigns employ marketing and design strategies proven to deliver the results you need to grow your business. We use personal data to create super-targeted and highly-personalized mailers that reach your desired audience, communicate your message, and influence your recipients to take action. Engage your current client base and reach out to new prospects with our purposeful, powerful direct mail marketing strategies. Whether your business wishes to reach the homes of consumers (B2C) or businesses (B2B), Plum has the solutions to meet your specific marketing goals.

Plum Direct Marketing Direct Mail Marketing

Stunning Mailers

Optimal viewing across all devices is essential to building a successful website to benefit both your users and SEO.

Plum Direct Marketing Optimize


We deliver high-impact websites that are designed specifically to help you grow your business and deliver a return on investment.

Plum Direct Marketing Targeted Outreach


You'll have the ability to edit the content of your website with ease without having to hire a developer to add and update content to your website.

Plum Direct Marketing Optimized

Quick Turnaround

Usability is one of our core competencies. Our websites perform better in all aspects including speed, ease of navigation and increased visitor interaction.

Need Direct Mail That Actually Works?

The Mailing Process

It's as easy as...

Dedicated Account
Choosing the
Right Product
Designing of
Printing &
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Plum Direct Marketing Direct Mail Arrow
Plum Direct Marketing Direct Mail Arrow
Plum Direct Marketing Direct Mail Arrow
Plum Direct Marketing Direct Mail Arrow
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Mailer Types

Plum Direct Marketing Self Mailers

Postcards & Self-Mailers

As Low As $0.13 Per Piece!

We offer a wide variety of styles and sizes for direct mail marketing postcards that don’t require envelopes to be mailed.
      8.5” x 11” self-mailers
      Bi-folding and tri-folding brochure style mailers
      5.5” x 8.5” postcards
      5.625” x 11” jumbo postcards

Plum Direct Marketing Wedding Style Postcards

Wedding Style

As Low As $0.19 Per Piece!

Our wedding-style invitation mailers give off an aura of high-end luxury that attracts high-end prospects. Make your event look professional and important with this exceptional-quality option and you’re sure to get responses from qualified leads.

Plum Direct Marketing Letter Design


As Low As $0.19 Per Piece!

Plum customizes marketing letters and customer correspondence letters for businesses who wish to give their marketing a more personal feel. A letter conveys a certain importance and officiality that a postcard can’t.

RSVP Service

If your mailing advertises an event that requires registration, we can link your campaign with Teledirect reservation service to manage your registrations and track your campaign results.

  • On-call 24/7 so after hours calls will not be missed, so you won’t           have to count on people leaving their information over voicemail
  •  All information is collected and stored on an easy to use                         dashboard
  • Helpful for tracking response rates and planning future events               (easily see which areas pulled better than others)
  • Organized system for drip marketing
  • Easily export your prospects’ information to create a master “do             not mail” list

Mailing Lists

The perfect marketing campaign is no use if it isn’t hitting the right houses. We can assist you in obtaining an updated, accurate mailing list that best represents your target market, ensuring that your message is seen by your most-likely-to-buy prospects. Some of our popular list selects are:

• Age
• Household Income
• Net Worth
• Children in Home
• Homeownership
• Length of Residence

• Marital Status
• Dwelling Type
• Home value
• Age of Home
• IPA (Income Producing            Assets)


Whether you have an idea of what you want or you need to do some brainstorming, you can call
our expert marketing advisors at 1-800-992-9663 and we will assess your goals and needs.

We offer unlimited revisions on our mailer designs. We won’t mail anything you aren’t satisfied with, so we have a proofing process that keeps you in the loop and uses your feedback.

By implementing either a pURL landing page that corresponds with your mailing or call-tracking number we can help you keep track of leads that come in due to your mailing.

Absolutely! We’re happy to work with any creative content you already have!

Our creative team can produce a partial design in just 3-5 days. For a full design, we request five days to create the most effective, revenue-boosting postcard possible for your business.

Contact Us For A Custom Quote

Pricing is dependent on mailer style, mailing list size, etc. so reach out to us to receive a quick quote on your next campaign.