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Your Industry, Our Expertise

Every industry has its own set of challenges, opportunities, and goals. At Plum, we craft tailored marketing solutions designed to address the unique needs of each sector. Our team takes the time to understand the nuances of your industry, from finance and legal services to healthcare, technology, and beyond. With our deep industry knowledge and innovative approach, we’re committed to helping your business stand out and succeed in your given professional field. Discover how partnering with Plum can elevate your brand presence and achieve your business objectives with precision and excellence.

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Industries We Serve

Financial Planning

Direct mail has been consistently proven to be the most effective marketing strategy for financial planners/advisors. Plum is experienced and knowledgeable when it comes to generating leads for one-on-one appointments and increasing seminar attendance using direct mail marketing.
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Legal Services

Successful lawyers are constantly reaching out and marketing to prospects in order to maintain and grow their business. Plum creates super-effective direct mail campaigns for legal services professionals that generate quality leads and raise brand awareness.
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Wealth Management

Acquiring a steady stream of high-networth clients for your wealth management business requires constant outreach and marketing. Plum can help you target your desired audience and persuade them to take your desired action with a strategic direct mail campaign that advertises your services.
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Tax​ ​Preparing/Accounting

If you are a tax preparer or accountant looking to boost your business this tax season, a direct mail campaign from Plum is an effective strategy to market your services. We know how to target the right audience and use the best marketing strategies to convince them to take your desired action
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Insurance​ ​(Auto/Home/Life)

Insurance is a competitive industry and agents needs a constant stream of new leads to keep their business growing. Direct mail is a great way to reach out to prospects, make offers, build brand awareness, and give them good reasons to contact you.
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Finance & Mortgage

Direct mail is a super-effective marketing tool for generating leads and promoting brand awareness in the finance and mortgage industry. It’s also the most trusted marketing channel by consumers, and in the mortgage and lending business, building trust is extremely important.
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The process of acquiring new patients never stops for a growing dental practice. Although your prospective clients are all around you, it can be difficult to fill your appointment books if your business relies on word-of-mouth.
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You can build credibility, promote brand awareness, and drive up business in the healthcare industry with direct mail marketing campaigns from Plum. We create custom campaigns designed to reach specific goals and prompt specific actions from your recipients.
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Lawn care & Landscaping

If you really want to increase your client base quickly, direct mail campaigns are an inexpensive and effective way to advertise your lawn care services to the people who want them. With direct mail campaigns from Plum, you can make this your busiest season yet!
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Churches & Religious

Increase attendance for your religious service with a strategic direct mail campaign from Plum! We deliver the highest quality mailers with the right design and message to help you establish presence and trust in your community.
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Apartment Complexes

Plum can help you generate business by designing high quality mailers that advertise new openings, invite recipients to an apartment showing, and show potential renters why your complex is the best place for them to live.
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Senior Living

Getting seniors to make the transition from living in their own homes or with their families to living in a senior facility can be a tough sell. Senior living communities need constant outreach and marketing in order to acquire a steady stream of leads and keep their spaces filled.
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Real Estate

Plum uses proven marketing strategies to help real estate agents generate leads with direct mail. It’s easy to target the recipients of these campaigns by income, property value, etc. which makes it easy for real estate professionals to reach a specific audience with a specific message/offer.
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As a restaurateur, the success of your business relies on your ability to get new customers through the door. If your goal is to build brand awareness in your local area and convince potential patrons to choose you over your competitors, a well-planned direct mail campaign may be the perfect solution.
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Fitness & Exercise

Direct mail is incredibly useful for gyms and other fitness related businesses when it comes to attracting new clients. An effective fitness marketing campaign doesn’t just convince recipients that they need to go to the gym; it convinces them they need to go to YOUR gym.
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Building & Remodeling

Direct mail marketing is an effective strategy for builders and construction companies to get a continuous stream of new customers. Plum can help you advertise your services with direct mail campaigns that target the right audience and persuade them to choose you over competitors.
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Childcare & Educational

When choosing schools and childcare services, parents/guardians pick the most credible institutions with the hopes of giving their child the best future possible. Plum can help you create a direct mail campaign that will establish your organization as the best option to foster growth and learning.
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Salons & Spas

Salons and Spas need marketing campaigns that boost brand recognition, educate local consumers on their services, and drive a steady stream of new customers into their doors. Plum knows how to craft the perfect direct mail piece to convince your prospects that they need a spa day!
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Auto Sales & Repair

Direct mail is a powerful tool for acquiring new customers, encouraging repeat business, and promoting brand awareness for both dealerships and auto repair shops. Plum can help you craft a direct mail campaign that is targeted to reach the right audience.
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Consumer Services

Plum Direct Marketing offers direct mail and digital marketing services that can be custom tailored to businesses of all shapes and sizes. Contact us with any and all questions!
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Need to get more customers through the doors of your retail store? Regardless of the type of products you sell, Plum’s direct mail marketing campaigns are a cost-effective way of attracting new customers and bringing past customers back in for more.
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Business to Business

Companies that provide B2B (Business-to-Business) products and services find great success marketing with direct mail. Plum’s B2B direct mail campaigns are high quality, look official, and get responses.
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Pool Service

Whether you install pools, provide pool cleaning services, or sell pool supplies you need to be constantly finding and reaching out to new prospects in order to grow your business. Plum’s expert marketing advisors will work with you to create a direct mail campaign that targets the right audience.
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Funeral Pre-Planning

It’s impossible to get people excited about funeral pre-planning; it’s a business where people aren’t actively seeking out your services, so it requires constant outreach and marketing in order to acquire a steady stream of new leads.
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