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Internet leads are notorious for being inexpensive, non-exclusive and an ambiguous source of leads (were they promised a free I-Pad for filling out a form?). You don’t deserve shared shady leads, and we agree. With Plum’s premium Social Security internet leads, each producer is given their own personal landing page.

This enables you to get your leads in real time, upon the client’s request for information. It also allows you to have your own unique URL (“www”), so the landing page is yours to give to whomever you wish. Want to give this to prospective clients you’ve been courting or past seminar attendees as a way of getting back in touch with them? Great idea!

Here’s What You Get:

  • Your own personalized landing page
  • Exclusive leads generated just for you
  • Detailed, step by step guide for calling, appointment closing and more
  • Our Fact Find worksheet for your personal use during appointments

How Does It Work:

Simple! Once you provide your zip code we will cast a search net over a 60-mile radius to find you potential leads. Anybody within this radius searching on Yahoo, Google or Bing using one of our carefully selected keywords will potentially see your ad. Our proprietary keyword database contains over 1,400 relevant keywords ready for your next campaign.

Some Quick Highlights:

  • Clients watch videos, making them better qualified prospects
  • You choose between leads or appointments

Social Security Mailers

Plum approved social security mailers are also a tried-and-true method of effective lead generation. We have rigorously tested our designs to ensure the best possible ROI for you and your company. We have many different styles to fit the needs of your organization. If you are in search of quality social security leads let us help you.

Some More Examples:

Video Video

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