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Salon & spa Industry

Lead generation. Brand Awareness.

If you want to see your salon or spa business grow, there are many marketing strategies you can use to reach your target market. Various ways that you can convert more customers, and sell more. The marketing services we provide salons and spas aim to establish your company’s unique brand identity and get more customers in the door.



Direct Mail

List Generation

Graphic Design

Online Advertising

Web Design

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Considering Motivations

Successful salon and spa marketing establishes branding that makes people want to relax and treat themselves. Your marketing efforts and communications should work to build a distinct brand identity. This way your customers associate with those positive emotions. You want people to immediately think of how good they feel after a visit to your salon or spa when they interact with your brand.
Salons and spas also have to consider the various buyer personas their services cater to. You probably see men, women, and couples of all ages at your salon or spa, and they’re all there for different reasons. Your marketing needs to target and speak to each of them. 
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Direct Mail

Our direct mail campaigns promote brand awareness and drive traffic to your salon or spa. They reach your ideal customers with the right message and offer. We target your mailings and personalize your mailers to ensure that your message is relevant and specific to each recipient
Postcard marketing with discount coupons is a great way to get new customers in the door and get current customers in more often! We create custom mailers with eye-catching designs and calls-to-action that are sure to get responses

Website Design

Your online presence is essential to the success of you salon or spa. Your most-likely-to-buy prospects are searching for your services online. What they see when they find you (if they DO find you) will decide whether they do business with you or not. We build modern websites, customized with your branding and designed to convert visitors into customers
Our websites are mobile-responsive to ensure that you don’t lose any traffic. We also optimize content for search engines to ensure potential customers can find you. Make your salon or spa look amazing, get more traffic, and get more customers with the help of our web design services
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Spencer & Company Landing Page

Landing Page Design

Landing pages boost conversions whether they be online or offline. Don’t send interested prospects from a digital advertisement or direct mail piece to your homepage. Send them to a campaign-specific landing page. Here there’s nothing to distract them from completing your desired action. Get more leads, more conversions, and a better return on your investment! 

Other Work

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LePage Insurance

Tea Set for From The Seoul

From The Seoul

Spencer and Company Magazine Ad

Spencer & Company

Marketing Solutions
That Work

Plum provides the comprehensive marketing services needed for salons and spas to grow their business. From creative design and branding services to online advertising, we strategize to reach your target audience with the right message to influence action.

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