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Lawn care & landscaping Industry

Lead Generation. Brand Awareness.

Whether you’re all about lawn mowing or specialize in hardscaping, Plum’s marketing solutions are crafted to show off your expertise, attract loyal clients and grow your brand. 

Through comprehensive online and offline marketing initiatives, we work with you to ensure your lawncare and landscaping business is the top choice for anyone looking to spruce up their outdoor spaces.  

We get the dirt—literally.

Whether you want your lawncare business to be known for its impeccable precision in mowing, edging, and maintenance. Or your landscaping service to be celebrated for turning mundane outdoor areas into stunning green havens – We know the drill, from handling residential lawns to tackling larger commercial projects, and we use these insights to cultivate your brand to new heights and watch it bloom. 

We’re not just marketers; we’re partners invested in your growth. Let’s elevate your lawncare and landscaping business together and turn your green aspirations into a thriving reality. 



Direct Mail

List Generation

Graphic Design

Online Advertising

Web Design

landscaping web design example

Considering Lawncare Motivations

At Plum, we don’t just throw words around; we dig deep to unearth the raw motivations and rock-solid factors driving folks to pick a lawncare partner. 

Here’s the deal – we’re not into fluff. 

So what’s our approach? 

We dive deep into lawn care psyches, crack the motivations code, and build marketing that’s as solid as a well-fertilized lawn. It’s not just business; it’s a partnership between lawn care dreams and the folks who bring them to life. 

ROI Improvement Chart

So, why do we care?

When it comes to your prospective clients, lawn care isn’t just about grass and leaves; it’s about creating an oasis right at home. 

1. Personal Bonds Matter.

Lawn care is actually quite personal. We dive into the “why” behind lawn care cravings and whip up campaigns that convey this understanding.

2. No Cookie-Cutter Stuff.

Lawns aren’t clones, and neither are our campaigns. Plum cracks the code on what motivates customers and crafts strategies as unique as a fingerprint.

3. Trust Is the Currency.

In the green world, trust reigns supreme. So we nail the factors that make your brand click – be it reliability, quality, or just pure, unadulterated authenticity.

4. Value Unwrapped. 

Lawn care isn’t just about moolah; it’s about value. Plum strategically places brands in the spotlight, shouting loud and clear about the bang-for-buck they deliver. 

Financial Seminar Postcard Examples

Direct Mail

Let’s not beat around the bush – Direct mail still remains the most cost-effective, successful way of your message into the right hands of prospective landscaping clients. Our direct mail campaigns aren’t just pieces of paper; they’re green ambassadors, spreading the word about your lawn care expertise.  

Whether it’s a jumbo postcard marketing your seasonal preventative service reminders, a brochure introducing your loyalty program launch, a self-mailer showcasing before-and-after success stories, folded leaflets announcing equipment upgrades or QR Code-embedded mailers to boost digital engagement, we help you select the best mailer format for your specific campaign needs.  

In the world of lawn care, direct mail isn’t just a postcard; it’s your grass-root connection.

Our strategy?

1. Precision Targeting. 

We hone in on the right demographics to maximize impact and reach for your specific mail campaign. From location, income range and age, we help you ensure the right audience receives your message.  

2. Custom Design. 

Our in-house design team works to showcase the lushness of your services, ensuring your brand inspires a lasting impression.  


3. Call-to-Action Focus. 

We don’t just inform; we engage. Our direct mail campaigns prompt action, from picking up the phone to scheduling that consultation or first lawn date – securing quality leads and boosting conversion rates. 

Website Design

Root your landscaping business’s online presence for sustainable growth with a Plum-designed website. Our contemporary, mobile-responsive sites serve as dynamic tools, engaging potential customers and fortifying a strong brand image.

Attract potential lawn maintenance clients and generate high-quality leads with Plum’s expertise in designing websites tailored for the landscaping industry.


Key Website Features:

1. Distinctive Branding.

Tailored to present your legal brand identity, leaving a compelling and lasting impression.

2. Adaptive Design.

Engineered for flexibility and mobility, ensuring seamless user experiences across all devices.

3. Strategic SEO.

Optimized for search engines to enhance visibility and attract potential clients.

Responsive Site Mockups

4. Conversion Optimization.

Equipped with strategically placed lead forms and calls-to-action to capture leads and transform visitors into long-term clients.

5. Versatility with Extra Features.

Enhance your online arsenal with blogs, photo galleries, testimonial sections, online appointment scheduling tools, and more.

Spencer & Company Landing Page

Landscaping Landing Pages: Click, Grow, Convert

If ground-breaking growth is what you’re after, trim the noise with a targeted landing page for your next marketing campaign. Effective campaign-focused landing pages are like perfectly manicured garden path, strategically leading potential clients through purpose-driven decisions for their unique outdoor needs. 

Plum’s Landing Page Services: 

  • Strategic Focus: Concise and purpose-driven, these landing pages direct prospects to take the desired actions essential for your landscaping campaigns. 
  • Optimized Conversions: Elevate conversions for both online and offline landscaping initiatives. 
  • Campaign-Specific Approach: Unlike directing visitors to a generic homepage, our landing pages maintain unwavering focus on the specific landscaping campaign, ensuring relevance. 
  • Minimized Distractions: Designed to eliminate unnecessary clutter and distractions, these pages prioritize prospect engagement and desired actions. 
  • Enhanced ROI: Experience a notable boost in lead collection and campaign ROI, establishing lasting connections with your landscaping audience. 

Leverage a strategic landing page to guide your landscaping prospects, cultivating a tailored and fruitful journey towards the lush landscape they envision. 

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Plum provides the comprehensive marketing services needed for lawn care and landscaping businesses to grow. From creative design and branding services to online advertising, we strategize to reach your target audience with the right message and influence action.

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