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Helping bring life into incredible homes.


Spencer & Company is a construction company based in Chatham, Massachusetts. They specializes in custom home building, cabinetry & custom woodworking, remodeling, and general contracting. As a luxury brand, Spencer & Company was in need of a high-end website. One to showcase their work and encourage potential customers to contact them. Plum devised a complete marketing strategy to drive traffic to their new website. Utilizing several new landing pages we launched and manage a Google Adwords campaign. The team also designed a magazine advertisement.

Web Design & Development

The Spencer and Company website showcases their attention to detail. Our team worked hand and hand with Spencer and Company to pinpoint all their needs. A mix of intuitive features and contemporary design have made this one of our favorite projects we’ve ever worked on. It was very important for their business to organize all their specialties and balance that with their incredible portfolio. Their responsive website backed with unparalleled performance has helped Spencer and Company reinforce that they’re the best in the business!

Printing Efforts

It was crucial to capture the craftsmanship that Spencer and Company produces when we handled their printing efforts. Our magazine ads were created with elegance in mind to match a variety styles and formats. Each with a different intent to get readers to make a call to action. We also created a proposal booklet. It combines function and design ensuring that Spencer and Company could handle any building project. All along we knew that simplicity was key, and we wanted to let the work speak for itself.

Spencer & Company magazine advertisement design
Spencer & Company half-page magazine ad
Spencer & Company magazine ad 2
Spencer & Company brochure design

Landing Pages That Deliver

Capturing a new lead’s information is fundamental for any company. We knew early on that a landing page feature needed to be included in their web design. Whether it’s updating a bathroom or putting a major addition on your home, Spencer and Company can capture all these requests with just a click of a button. Their team has successfully received countless leads from their website, which has increased their revenue exponentially.

Banner Ads

Banner Ads were a great way for Spencer and Company to increase their brand awareness. These ads performed well and achieved their goal of targeting new audiences. To ensure these ads were successful and cost effective, we ran them across multiple targeted websites, vendors, and search engines.

Spencer & Company Banner Advertisements

As a small business owner it is difficult to find time to do everything. More over it is even harder to entrust other people with something as important as marketing. In todays world marketing has to be a top priority. With all the competition in my field, building my brand and my social media presence is imperative to my success. In my search for marketing help I was lucky enough to have found Plum. They have big company ability with the attention you would find from a small company. Not only that, but their close proximity allows me the luxury to swing in and chat about my questions and concerns. It has also given me the opportunity to meet some of their staff and they have all been amazing. Mel and Tim truly are superstars. They have great ideas but were also willing to be patient with a layperson and help my vision come to fruition. I had done some shopping around and found that for what they can accomplish they offer an incredible value. Most of all I feel heard and taken care of. I wouldn’t go anywhere else.

Matt Spencer