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This law office needed a website that did it justice.

26 Years of Service

The Law Office of David J. Boone is the premier estate planning firm for Chicago’s western suburbs. David Boone has over 26 years in the industry, and we at Plum wanted to take his law office to the next level. We started our marketing efforts by developing a professional and well designed website. This provides his clients with the resources they need. Designing a new logo was an opportunity to create a bold, yet simplistic, brand direction for his practice. Plum not only assisted David Boone with his digital efforts, but also supported his direct mail needs to strengthen his reach in his community.


Web Design & Development

The website for the Law Office of David J. Boone is the perfect combination of sophistication and impeccable user experience. The firm connected with Plum to create a beautiful website that would match their notoriety in the industry. Our goal was to make a website that could promote his legal specialties, and create a resource packed with legal adviceIt was important to his team that his online presence spoke to clients without the confusing legal jargon. The layout is clear and concise, and designed to assist potential clients in their quest for Boone’s expert legal advice. Their website is 100% responsive and built with performance in mind to ensure many more years of continued success.

Logo Design

When designing the logo for The Law Office of David J. Boone, we tried to convey a sense of professionalism, knowledge, and authority. Starting with a basic design, we enhanced the features of the logo to resemble the pillars of a courthouse. Then we darkened the color for readability. The final product is identifiable and communicates the right message to Mr. Boone’s potential clients.

Logo Design Progression Davide Boone

Landing pageS THat Deliver

Boone Logo
David J. Boone landing page design

The Law Office of David J. Boone needed a proactive lead generation strategy to make sure that interested prospects didn’t slip through the cracks. We created custom campaign landing pages to drive prospects from his advertisements to a dedicated web pages where their contact information can be collected. Our landing pages push David J. Boone’s prospects to convert by giving them a compelling description of his services and a simple lead form to fill out.


We created a retargeting campaign through Google AdRoll, which displays relevant online advertisements to people who have already visited David J. Boone’s website. This keeps interested prospects engaged until they are ready to contact the office for a consultation. We also created a Google AdWords campaign, which drives relevant traffic to Mr. Boone’s website by targeting the keywords that his most-likely-to-convert prospects are searching for online. 

Plum is great!  The best prices and their customer service is top notch!  They are so accommodating to any needs or special requests I may have.  No automated answering service either, I have never had trouble getting a real person on the phone when I call there and e-mails are answered usually within the hour.  I would highly recommend plum to anyone who needs these type of services.  I never worry about getting my seminars filled and the RSVP service is a nice added bonus!

Penny Gordon