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Fitness & exercise Industry

Power Up Your Fitness Brand: Ignite Leads & Amplify Awareness

In the bustling world of fitness, Plum’s marketing arsenal is your go-to resource for sculpting a standout brand.

We’re here to supercharge your journey, from igniting fresh leads to amplifying your brand recognition and dominance.



Direct Mail

List Generation

Graphic Design

Online Advertising

Web Design

Fitness Website on Laptop

Unleashing Fitness Ambitions: Tapping into Customer Drive

In the world of fitness, timing is everything. At Plum, we speak the language of motivation, crafting messages that inspire action and propel potential clients toward their fitness aspirations.

Let’s turn their dreams into reality, one rep at a time.

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Financial Seminar Postcard Examples

Direct Mail Solutions for Targeted Impact, Maximum Gains

From captivating postcards showcasing your gym’s success stories to personalized letters offering free trial passes, our strategic direct mail campaigns are designed to make a lasting impression and drive results.

Whether you’re promoting workout plans, announcing new classes, or highlighting special membership offers, we craft compelling content and eye-catching designs that drive engagement and conversions.

With Plum’s direct mail expertise, we ensure your message gets noticed by potential clients and drives action, whether it’s encouraging recipients to sign up for a free trial, visit your website for class schedules, or stop by your gym or studio.

Attract new members and clients, boost retention, and grow your fitness business with powerful direct mail solutions. 

Website Design

Step into the digital gym with Plum’s fitness website designs. We sculpt dynamic, mobile-optimized sites that not only showcase your strength but also cater to the six key reasons why a strong website is vital for your personal training business or yoga studio.

From boosting credibility and professionalism to facilitating lead generation and online booking, our websites serve as powerful tools to elevate your fitness business.

With Plum, you’re not just building an online presence; you’re creating a digital powerhouse that drives growth and success for your fitness business, one click at a time.

Responsive Site Mockups
Spencer & Company Landing Page

Fit-Focused Landing Pages: Pump Up Conversions, Elevate Results

Ready to push past plateaus and reach new heights? Plum’s landing pages are your VIP pass to conversion city.

Tailored to your fitness goals, these pages cut through the noise, guiding prospects toward action with precision and purpose.

Other Work

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Tea Set for From The Seoul

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Spencer and Company Magazine Ad

Spencer & Company

Marketing Solutions
That Fuel Your Fitness Business

With Plum by your side, there’s no limit to what you can achieve. From dynamic branding to targeted advertising, we’re here to help you sweat the details and reap the rewards.

Let’s crush your marketing goals together, one rep at a time.

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